Wrist Drop

Paralysis of the muscles that raise the wrist, which is caused by damage to the radial nerve, is called as wrist drop. Radial nerve originates from the posterior cord of the Brachial plexus present below the clavicle in the axilla.


·         Stab wounds below the clavicle will damage the posterior cord.
·         Fracture of shaft of humerus
·         Lead poisoning
·         IM injection hitting the radial nerve


·         Loss of extension at the elbow and wrist
·         Loss of supination
·         Loss of abduction of shoulder


·         X – Ray: For fracture
·         MRI: To know the subtil causes
·         NCS
·         EMG


·         PNF techniques
·         Positioning
·         Passive ROM
·         Galvanic current
·         Dynamic splint

Dynamic Splint
·         If complete denervation then exploration