It arises from the medial cord of the brachial plexus.

Ulnar nerve interruption:

On the basis of site of compression
Ulnar nerve can be interrupt at the neck:
o   Thoracic inlet syndrome
o   Diseases of the cervical spine
o   Brachial plexus abnormalities
Ulnar nerve may be interrupt at the elbow due to fracture, cubital tunnel syndrome, growth plate injuries.
Ulnar nerve can be interrupted at the wrist due to fracture, Guyon’s syndrome etc
Ulnar neuropathy may occur due to infection, tumor, rheumatism, alcoholism, diabetes

Signs and symptoms

·         Paresthesia in little finger usually on the palmer side
·         Loss of co – ordination in the finger (making fist)
·         Muscles wasting
·         Claw hand deformity
·         Numbness
·         Decreased sensation
·         Pain
·         Tingling sensation


·         NCS
·         EMG
·         Blood tests for other causative agents
·         Nerve stretch test
·         Biopsy for cancer


·         Positioning (splints)
·         ROM